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(feature spec script and songs) In a not-far-off dystopic future, Lumina, leader of a resistance group, is taken hostage by two mysterious interrogators. Her captors clone her brain to find secret information about Lumina’s plot to upend the Reticulum, a malevolent electronic network that tracks the earth’s populace, an advanced and dangerously mutated manifestation of capitalism. A romance ensues. And it’s a musical.


(feature spec script) Stuart Lumiere is seven years old and plagued with visions far beyond his age: the end of the world, but also music from far-off lands, and the sense that there is music in objects. His father, Thomas, is a creatively frustrated opera tenor recovering from the death of his wife. Angie Butler is a last-decade pop star attempting a rebound, with a theory about ‘mirror neurons.’ Sam Damari, a Yemenese shop clerk, is writing a brilliant fantasy novel about magical elephants, but the FBI suspect otherwise. Augustine Tounkara might just be the next Joni Mitchell, if she can just break free of her conservative parents and journey to a music festival in southern Mali. Disparate characters, all searching, all linked by music and a common yearning, try to find meaning and connection in a fractured modern world teetering on the edge of collapse. A magic realist parable about how to live in the 21st Century.


(feature spec script, developed with CIRCLE OF CONFUSION) A parable on forgetting and remembrance in the apocalypse; a poetic epic about what makes us truly human.


(feature spec script, developed with CIRCLE OF CONFUSION) Mike Lazlo supposedly has everything, but leaving for work one day, he is greeted by a Ghanaian man and accused of murder. An at times surreal, at times riveting geopolitical potboiler that examines the 21st Century world order, and the ‘first’ world’s relationship to the ‘third’ world.


(feature spec script, short-listed for the Sundance Lab) An environmental disaster leads to a nuclear stand-off. A 17-year-old homeless girl and a boy her age in a remote tribe hear each others’ music in visions. A sick man commandeers a hot air balloon and travels the world, playing people a single song, hundreds of CD discmen dangling through the sky. A congress of elephants crosses the Ocean.

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