DEA agents on Neptune

September 25th, 2015

A lovely day with the brilliant polymath Remy Weber (visit his site and you will spend your time well) in the oft overlooked hamlet of Neptune, New Jersey, home to some lovely paved strips, offering fantastic gastronomic franchise food possibilities, the chance to photograph and interview a DEA agent for a crime tv show, and three (incredulously, yes) Fed-Ex locations. Remy and I know, because we visited each and every location trying to find our camera gear (shipped with some apparent difficulty from a production company in Los Angeles). Funny thing: at the third location, we meet a local DP who has everything we need in the back of his truck. But we do not negotiate extensively, because simultaneously the Fed-Ex clerk recovers the whereabouts of our gear. Sometimes the Universe provides two answers concurrently (though I aver the Universe does not care about any of us, really).

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