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FACECHASERS Paste Magazine official selection

September 28th, 2005

FACECHASERS accepted into Paste Magazine’s Short Film Festival and Best of DVD Sampler (to be included in the December/January issue).

Link TV edits

September 15th, 2005

Spent the month cutting for National Geographic Film Festival and also Music on Film Festival in Prague at Link TV.

Laces tied up, and a very large screen

August 26th, 2005

Breaking Laces’ new video finished, and soon to be up on their site.

Meanwhile, content by Wax Wing Films is launched this week on the 85-foot-long Nokia LED screen at 1515 Broadway in Times Square.

Festivals in Italy and Egypt

July 16th, 2005

FACECHASERS accepted by festivals in Italy and Egypt.

Rewriting LOVE SONGS

July 5th, 2005

Ensconced in rewrites for LOVE SONGS FOR THE APOCALYPSE.

Visages pursued in Miami

June 18th, 2005

FACECHASERS to screen in Miami at BIRCH CREEK FILMS Showcase.

GenArt’s Ignite fest invites FACECHASERS

June 17th, 2005

FACECHASERS accepted by GenArt’s Ignite Film Festival, billed as the ‘summer’s hottest multi-media extravaganza featuring ground-breaking films.’

FACECHASERS wins at Brooklyn International Film Festival

June 12th, 2005

FACECHASERS wins best experimental short at Brooklyn International Film Festival and $3,000 worth of equipment and rentals (and I walk down the hall chatting with host John Turturro, a man of integrity).

Lilliputian-budgeted films on the world’s largest screen

June 10th, 2005

Gabriel commissioned by Arcadia Media Services to create content for the new Nokia screen at 44th street and Broadway. The new screen is the largest screen in Times Square.

Moving images for Breaking Laces

June 5th, 2005

After telecine at Moving Images, Post production begins on GOING AWAY video, produced for the NYC indie rock band Breaking Laces.

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