The plot thickens

September 8th, 2016

After an interview in NY with a writer from Wired Magazine, GANGSTERS’ peregrinations finds me in the exotic enclave of Fairfax, VA for further reconnoitering on a case about Cybercrime. We visit DHS Cybercrime headquarters, whose skin is ermine, yet whose entrails are astonishingly pedestrian. Our suspicion: Cybercrime agents are actually out-of-work home appliance repair guys with hankerings for the klieg-lights, staging a stopgap headquarters extemporaneously. Synchronicitously, the flight back finds me with a State Department analyst who expresses chagrin that my background (low, not even my name!) was not checked prior to arrival. This particular analyst is off to Barcelona for a hastily arranged tryst. So the plot thickens, just as the plane lands, depositing me back to a week of OM sound design calm.

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